GPS Vehicle Tracker [Model No: TK06A]

GPS Vehicle Tracker [Model No: TK06A]

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GPS Tracker for Bikes and cars

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Products Introduction:
TK06A GPS tracking locator is a compact and powerful locator, ideal for covert installation.
Mainly used in monitoring and management companies vehicle and private car antitheft. Through the Intelligent Positioning and the way to GPRS to send GPS data to the site,tracker can access through mobile phones, computer,etc., anywhere at any time to know the latest vehicle position, speed and direction of the other information.
 Main functions
· GSM quad-band frequency for globe use; 
1 Continuous GPS positioning, and GPRS real-time report;
2 Support location enquiry through SMS;
3 ACC anti-theft alarm;
4 External fuel/electricity cut-off relay for remote control of vehicle;
1 GSM frequency ranges: 850/900/1800/1900
2 GPRS: Class10, TCP/IP
3 Working voltage: 9~24V DC
4 Working current: ≈22mA (12V DC)
5 Working current: ≈12mA (24V DC)
6 GPS positioning time: cold start≈38s (Open sky), warm start≈32s, hot start≈2s (Open sky)
7 GPS positioning accuracy: 10m (2D RM)
8 Working ambient temperature: -20°C~+70°C
9 Working ambient humidity: 20%~80% RH
10 Dimensions: 90 (L) × 45 (W) × 14(H) mm

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