GPS E Lock Tracker Container Lock Tracking Device

GPS E Lock Tracker Container Lock Tracking Device

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GPS E Lock Tracker Container Lock Tracking Device

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The features include:

A built-in rechargeable battery, so no external power source is required

GPS capabilities, reporting to the user where it is

Cellular technology that communicates the lock’s status to your phone

“Keyless” design reduces risk of loss of the key, which increases operational efficiency

Online platform provides real time maps, reports, alerts, lock status, user and supervisor records

Text message or email alerts on predefined events: Open, Close, Tampered, Locations Heavy-duty, Robust, rain-proof design

Each lock can have different users or operators as long as they are authorised

Data (GPS location/lock status etc.) can be uploaded to different platforms.  


Appearance                           40mm*102mm*35mm, no keyhol                         Battery                                   6000mAh/3.6-4.2v li-battery

Material                                  Aluminium alloy & 304 stainless steel                  Working Time                        10 days

Power Input                            DC5V/3A                                                              Local Storage                        2M flash memory, stores 5000 records

Communication                      NFC / GPRS(3G) / SMS / UHF RFID                  Working Temperature             -30 ~ +80c

GPS Precision                       U-blox GPS module, error less than 10m            Working Humidity                   95% non-condensing

GPS Start                              32S (cold), 1S (hot)                                              Waterproof                              IP67

GPS Sensitivity                      -160dbm                                                               Anti-vibration                          IEC60068-2-53/IEC60068-2-2

GSM Frequency                     EGSM850/EGSM900, GSM1800/GSM1900       Salt Fog                                  IEC60068-2-11 compliant

Unlock methods                     GPRS, SMS, RFID Reader / PDA, Key card       ESD Protection                       25000Volt

Upload Interval                       Adjustable, from 20s to 30min                             Certificate                                CE, IP67

Blindness Zone Record          Storing and retrieving                                          SDK                                        Support

Alarm                                      Low power / anti break / Drop alarm                   Emergency Measure               Support

Lock Shackle Tension            1000N                                                                  OEM/ODM                               Support 


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