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Frequently Ask Questions

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  • How does a GPS vehicle tracker work?
    A GPS vehicle tracker uses satellite technology to determine the precise location of a vehicle. It receives signals from multiple GPS satellites and calculates the vehicle's coordinates. This information is then transmitted to a central server, allowing fleet managers to track the vehicle's real-time location.
  • What is fleet management software?
    Fleet management software is a digital platform that integrates with GPS trackers and other telematics devices to provide a centralized system for managing a fleet of vehicles. It allows fleet managers to track vehicle locations, monitor driver behavior, analyze data, schedule maintenance, and generate reports.
  • Do you provide a warranty for your vehicle tracking devices?
    Yes, we offer a warranty of 1 year for all our vehicle tracking devices. This ensures that you receive a reliable and high-quality product.
  • Can fleet management solutions help reduce fuel costs?
    Yes, fleet management solutions offer features such as fuel monitoring and optimization tools that help identify fuel wastage, reduce idle time, and optimize routes. By implementing these measures, businesses can significantly reduce their fuel costs.
  • Are your devices AIS-140 certified?
    Yes, we provide AIS-140 certified devices with CDAC approval. This certification ensures that our devices meet the highest standards of quality and compliance with regulatory requirements. With our devices, you can obtain the fastest RTO approval and other necessary certificates as per state norms.
  • What vehicle details can I access through your platform?
    With our platform, you can have full visibility and access to a wide range of vehicle details. This includes the current location of your vehicle through live tracking, distance traveled, travel time, stoppages made, notifications and alerts for various events such as stoppages, geofence breaches, ignition status, overspeeding, and SOS alerts. You can also manage vehicle-related documents, driver verification, and trip management.
  • What types of reports are provided for my vehicle?
    Our platform offers various reports to help you track and manage your vehicles effectively. You can access reports such as daily distance traveled, trip reports, geofence reports, movement reports, driver scorecards, speed-distance reports, stoppage reports, A/C reports, temperature reports, ignition reports, expense reports, and even reports on network availability.
  • How is the installation of a vehicle tracking system done?
    For installation, we require three connection points: ignition, power, and ground. The ground wire is connected to the metal body of the vehicle, while power and ignition are taken from the coupler without cutting any wires. In vehicles with an available OBD port, we use an OBD extension to install the device, making the process quick and convenient..

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