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Panorama of Endless Capabilities

PICTOR TELEMATICS is a GPS tracking solutions company providing Internet-based access and integration to LIVE vehicle tracking and asset management. Our Products are used in leasing, logistics, engineering, enterprises, transportation and mass consuming market. Our business line cover GPS Tracker, OBD Tracking, Motor Cycle Tracking and other tracking solutions.
  • GPS Vehicle Tracker
  • Fuel Monitoring Solution
  • Video Telematics
  • Driver Behavior Solution

Advanced Tracking Solutions

Next-Level Tracking: Experience the Future with Pictor Telematics' Cutting-Edge Solution
Fleet management solution
Boost Productivity and Enhance Efficiency with Advanced Fleet Management Devices
Fuel monitoring and control
Fuel Tracking device helps prevent fuel theft and provides instant alerts about fuel drainage
Video telematics
Video Telematics solutions for fleet management and safety
Vehicle tracking
Vehicle Tracking System offers intelligent tracking to protect and monitor assets from theft or harm
Driver behaviour monitoring
Driver Behaviour System in place to track and analyze driver behavior and identify anomalies.
Asset tracking
Safe zones can be created for assets, and notifications are received at the first attempt of movemen

World Class GPS Products

We offer only genuine products. Choosing the right GPS tracker is like choosing a phone, everybody has different needs. The following trackers are what we consider “best in class” from our testing and personal use.
  • All
  • GPS Tracker
  • Video Telematics
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • School Bus Tracking System
  • Asset Tracking
Work 1
DashCam T98 with GPS Tracker
Work 1
STRELA WD Wireless Fuel Level Sensor
Work 1
Work 1
PT08 Magnetic Asset Tracker
Work 1
PT30 Magnetic Asset Tracker
Work 1
PS10G 4G GPS Tracker
Work 1
PS10G 4G GPS Tracker
Work 1
PS10A 4G GPS Tracker
Work 1
PS10A 4G GPS Tracker
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