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TLD2 D BLE Enabled 4G OBD2 GPS Tracker

Category: Bus Tracking System

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The Plug & Play OBDII tracker with CAN BUS reading for tracking vehicles and providing insight vehicle data such as ignition, VIN, odometer, fuel level, etc. When working with BLE sensors it can monitor the temperature, humidity, door status, etc. It’s a vehicle tracker that requires no installation and maintenance, but offer powerful functions.

Product Specifications

•Device NameOBD GPS Tracker
•FeaturesBLE Enabled 4G Plug and Play GPS                                                                                                                           
•Device Dimension47.8mm*47.6mm*19.8mm
•Device weight48g
•GNSS ChipsetMediaTek High Gain GNSS receiver
•GPS Accuracy<2.5m
•Voltage Input7-32v
•Positioning TimeHot Start<1S (Open Sky)
 Warm Start<8S
 Cold Start<15S (Open Sky)
•GPS Sensitivity-149dBm
•Tracking Sensitivity-167dBm
•Operating Temperature    -30℃ ~ +80℃
•Connector Type OBDII
•GSM/GPS AntennaBuilt-in Design


 Product Features

•Real-time TrackingContinuous tracking with updated position every 10 seconds
•Fast PositioningProvide a timely positioning service after installing it.
•Trace PlaybackDevice provide trace history of your vehicle.
•Mileage ReportIt can help you to know how far you drove.
•Geo-fence AlarmUsers can set a range of Geo-fence on map, and device sends a notification when the device gets in or out of presetting range via APP or SMS.
• Driver Behavior AlertsAggressive driving behavior detection, e.g. harsh braking and acceleration
• Crash DetectionAccident data collection for reconstruction and analysis
•BLE Accessories SupportAll Bluetooth accessories are supported with the device.
•Over-speed AlarmDevice send an alert when the devices cross a preset speed
• FOTAEnabled
• CAN data readingEnabled
•Smart Plug and PlayEasy to install with 16 pins to connect vehicle obd port.
•Platform/APP/SMS CheckingVarious methods like platform, app, sms to check asset status.


Product Applications

Commercial transportation, company vehicle fleet management , intelligent transportation, logistics, car rental, engineering machinery, marine transportation and other

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