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GL600 ELock Tracking System

Category: Truck Tracking System

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GL600 is Smart Electronic Lock, bulit-in10400maH battery, G-sensor and RFID reader, and monitor the container or asset's location and door status.

Product Specifications

Device NameElock GPS Tracker
Size195mm x 114mm x 37mm
Weight1000g (Include main unit and 35CM Lock rope)
MaterialEngineering plastic
GPS ModuleATG6558 chipset
GSM moduleQuectel 2-4G series modules
Working temperature-20°C -- +80°C
Store temperature-40°C -- +80°C
Standard batteryRechargeable battery 10400mAh
Average working current<90 mA
Average current standby<100uA
Working hour2G device(10400mAh) normal working mode: 100 hours
Transmission modeSupport TCP(GPRS) or SMS (short message)


Product Features

Dual SIM cardsIt can be installed with two Micro SIM cards and supports the dual SIM single standby mode. The device will automatically select a SIM card to register the network.
Large BatteryBuild in 10400mAH Rechargeable
Build in 3 Axis acceleration sensorMotion or vibration detecting
Buzzer and LED indicators reminderDifferent device Status Buzzer and LED
Real time Position queryingQuery current location by SMS command
Unlock by PasswordUnlock the device by Password (GPRS/SMS)
Unlock device by authorized RFID keyUnlock the device by authorized RFID keys
Locked automaticallyThe device will automatically lock when the lock rope is inserted
Polygon Geo-fence10 Polygon Geo-fences
Lock and Unlock ReportThe way to lock or unlock, unlock by Password or RFID key, report time, locked /Unlocked successful or failed


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