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PG08 Pet Tracker

Category: Asset Tracking

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GP08 is a personal locator with a strap or collar. The device uses a 500mah battery capacity to meet the long-term positioning and tracking needs. Because the terminal uses high-quality silicon-mic hardware, it will be clearer when listening to surrounding sounds.

Product Specifications

•Device NameAsset / Personal Tracker                                                                                                    
•FeaturesLong Battery Life
•Device Dimension53mm(L)*23mm(W)*29mm(H)
•Device weight27g
•Quad Band850/1900/900/1800MHz
•GPS Accuracy<=5m
•Back-up Battery500mAh
•Positioning Time          Hot Start<2S(Open Sky)
 Warm Start<15S
 Cold Start<38S(Open Sky)
•GPS Sensitivity-148dBm
•Tracking Sensitivity-165dBm
•Operating Temperature    -20℃—75℃
•GPS chipMT2503
•GSM/GPS Antenna                               Built-in Design       


    Product Features

•Real-time TrackingContinuous tracking with updated positioning
•Fast PositioningDevice starts providing tracking information very soon after installing the device
•Trace PlaybackDevice provide trace history of your vehicle/asset
•Voice RecordingDevice enabled to record voice.
•Over-speed AlarmDevice send an alert when the devices cross a preset speed
•SOSDevice enabled to send Alarm in panic situations
•Low Power AlarmPower consumption in micro ampere level.
•Low Power ConsumptionWhen device is in low power, sends a notification to tell you charge it in time.
•Platform/APP/SMS CheckingVarious methods like platform, app, SMS to check asset status.


 Product Applications

Pet tracking, Asset tracking, Package tracking and others

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