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PT08 4G Magnetic Asset Tracker

Category: Asset Tracking

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Asset GPS tracker PT08 4G is self-sufficient battery powered device with a strong magnet that can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle, placed in a package, asset or container. GPS tracker PT08 4G is a wireless tracking device with long battery life for transport & logistics industry, refrigerated cargo industry, container tracking, construction and other assets.

Product Specifications

•Device NameAsset / Personal Tracker                                                                                                    
•ModelPT08 4G
•FeaturesLong Battery Life
•Device Dimension85*61*31mm
•Device weight218.5g
•GPS Accuracy<=5m
•Back-up Battery10000mAH
•Positioning Time          Hot Start<2S(Open Sky)
 Warm Start<15S
 Cold Start<32S(Open Sky)
•GPS Sensitivity-147dBm
•Tracking Sensitivity-160dBm
•Operating Temperature    --20°C to+60°C
•GPS chipMTK
•GSM/GPS Antenna                               Built-in Design       


    Product Features

•Real-time TrackingContinuous tracking with updated position every 10 seconds
•Fast PositioningDevice starts providing tracking information very soon after installing the device
•Trace PlaybackDevice provide trace history of your vehicle/asset
•User Define Geo-FenceUsers can set a range of Geo-fence on map, and device sends a notification when the device gets in or out of presetting range via APP or SMS.
•Vibration alarmVibration reporting of vehicles in fortified state
•Driver BehaviourIf the vehicle's driving speed exceeds the set speed, an overspeed alarm is uploaded.
•Strong MagneticEasy to install.
•Low Power AlarmPower consumption in microampere level.
•10000mAh Battery10000mAh large battery for long standby time.
•Low Power ConsumptionWhen device is in low power, sends a notification to tell you charge it in time.
•Platform/APP/SMS CheckingVarious methods like platform, app, SMS to check asset status.


 Product Applications

Car Rentals, Loan Vehicles, Fleet Management, Trailer, cargo, container and asset tracking

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