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PT701D E Lock Container Tracking System

Category: Truck Tracking System

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The smart logistics lock is an advanced electronic lock that combines RFID, GPS/Beidou positioning, radiofrequency technology, and electronic smart locks. It also incorporates satellite positioning technology, wireless transmission technology, and BSL positioning to create a highly integrated intelligent lock system.

Device ClassificationContainer / Truck GPS Tracker
Weight700 Grams
MaterialEngineering Plastics
Usage / ApplicationTrucks, Containers, Cargo Transportation, 


Main Features:

1. Unique Design, Unlick With RFID/SMS Password
2. Big Capacity Battery, Long Working Time
3. Built-in GSM Module, Remote Online Monitor
4. Built-in GPS Module, Real Time Global Positioning
5. Satety Monitoring, Alarms For illegal Unlocking
6. Lock ON/OFF alarm.
7. Lock-string tamper alarm.
8. Backup battery low power alarm

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