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CLS2 Fuel Level Sensor

Category: Fuel Monitoring

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 CLS2 Fuel level sensor is used for fleet management and fuel level monitoring solution. This solution provides a high-precision measurement of fuel level in a fuel tank, gives detailed information about fuel tank refueling, draining, consumption, prevents fraud or unauthorized use of fuel.

  Product Specifications

•Device NameFuel Level Sensor
•FeaturesCapacitive Fuel Level Sensor
•Modes of OperationAnalog
•Examination range100~1000mm
•Transmitter Sensetivity4 dBm
•Operating Temperature-45 to 50 °C
•Degree of ProtectionIP685
•Maximum operating current< 15mA
•Power SupplyDC10V ~ 32V/5V


    Product Features

•Multiple output modesDigital, frequency and analog output signals
•Customizable Length The length of the measuring tubes of the sensor can vary from 200~ 1500mm
•Robust DeviceIP65 Protection level
• Wide scope of usageThe fuel level sensor is easy to configure and connect to various GPS tracking devices and systems.
•Customizable Input VoltageWide Range of Power supply DC10V ~ 32V/5V
•High AccuracyThis sensor, no matter the measured medium is water or gasoline or diesel, no matter how the temperature changes, it can correct output level to highly accurate signals
•Easy setupThe sensor can be easily configured using a Laptop


   Product Applications

Fleet Management, Logistics and Transportation Vehicles, Trucks and carrier vehicles

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